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Biosensors & Bioelectronics-2014 Workshop
Workshop Proposals for Biosensors & Bioelectronics-2014

Annual gathering on Biosensors & Bioelectronics well thought-out by OMICS Group planned an agenda full of well-designed workshops simultaneously with parallel sessions. It covers the attentiveness from both commercial and academic fields to widen the research in the field of bioscience and bioinventions.

On behalf of Organizing Committee we call upon proposals for workshops/training sessions in the field of Biosensors & Bioelectronics from laboratories, institutions, and industries who want to demonstrate their new products/techniques to the delegates and speakers of 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Biosensors & Bioelectronics.

Workshop Titles
  • Security and Sensing
  • Photonic Sensor Technologies
  • Bioelectronics
  • Advancement in Nanotechnolgy
  • Bioinstrumentation
  • Environmental Biosensors
  • Biosensors for Imaging
  • DNA chips & Nucleic acid sensors
  • Application of Biosensors in Drug Delivery & Clinical chemistry
  • Sensor Networks and Data Communications


Suggest your workshop title and mail us at: biosensors2014@omicsonline.net

Workshop Details
  • 5 workshop slots available
  • Duration of workshop - 30 to 60 minutes
  • Audio and video facility inclusive
  • Workshop slots are available on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of the conference

We look forward to cordial you to an exciting, informative, and captivating program in San Antonio, USA.