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106th OMICS Group Conference
4th International Conference on

Biomarkers & Clinical Research

July 15-17, 2013 Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia Downtown, USA
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Biomarkers Conference, Clinical Research Meetings 2013


OMICS Group invites scientific communities, students, delegates and business executives to give their latest biomarker developments and its application in health diagnostics and in clinical research through oral and poster presentations and clinical case studies across the globe to attend 4th International Conference on Biomarkers & Clinical Research, during July 15-17, 2013 at Philadelphia, USA, that can demonstrate the evidence from research and clinical application in Biomarker discovery and its potential application in clinical practice. Special interest and theme of this conference is “Impact of Biomarkers Development in Health Diagnostics and Clinical Research”.

The previous three conferences on Biomarkers which were held at Santa Clara, USA (2010)Baltimore, USA (2011) and Embassy Suites Las Vegas, USA (2012) have explained Strategies and Developments in Biomarkers and its disease identification strategies have gained so much of interest for eminent scientists all over the world in Pharmaceutical R&D.

Biomarkers-2013 focuses on the development and application of biomarkers as key role indicators in health diagnostics, has become a central strategy in a general re-evaluation of drug discovery processes and points the way to major changes in health diagnostics and clinical research. This three days conference, assembles leading scientists, researchers, decision-makers and other players across the industry spectrum, that provides a unique opportunity to gain the latest biomarker developments and its application in health diagnostics, oncology and in clinical research.

Now it is the time to attend 4th International Conference on Biomarkers & Clinical Research to share about the Biomarkers and its contributions of development in health diagnostics and clinical research which will be held in Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia Downtown, USA.


Renowned Speakers
Omics Group Biomarkers-2013 International Conference Speaker Jizu Yi photo Jizu Yi
BD Diagnostics
Omics Group Biomarkers-2013 International Conference Speaker Yaping Tian photo Yaping Tian
PLA General Hospital

Omics Group Biomarkers-2013 International Conference Speaker Leticia Cano photo Leticia Cano
Biomarker Profile Corporation
Omics Group Biomarkers-2013 International Conference Speaker Lawrence Greenfield photo Lawrence Greenfield
Conference Highlights:
  • Types of Biomarkers and Approaches
  • Functional Genomics and Cytogenetic Biomarkers
  • Functional Transcriptomics and Profiling Techniques
  • Molecular Approaches
  • Biomarkers Data Statistics
  • Biomarkers in Clinical Research and Development
  • Omics Technologies in Biomarkers Discovery and Validation
  • Biomarkers in Microbial Infections
  • Biomarkers of Exposure, Response and Susceptibility
  • Biomarkers for Disorders
  • Techniques to Maximize Biomarker Identification
  • Biomarkers and Nanoparticles
  • Current Research Concepts in Biomarkers
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Special Issues
All accepted abstracts will be published in respective OMICS Group Journals
Each abstract will be provided with Digital Object Identifier by
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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World
Dates of the Conference July 15-17, 2013
Venue of the Conference Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia Downtown, USA
Impact of Biomarker Developments in Health Diagnostics and Clinical Research
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