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September 04, 2013 Holiday Inn Orlando International Airport, Orlando-Florida, USA
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Entomology Conferences 2013, Entomology Meetings, ISE 2013
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International Symposia on Entomology, will be organized around the theme "Exploring the Description of New Species, Geographical Distribution, Genome Organization and Diseases Related to Insects."

ISE-2013 is comprised of 11 tracks and 62 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Entomology.

Submit your abstract to any of the following tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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Marcia Regina Brochetto Braga
University of Estadual Paulista
Waclaw Tworzydlo
Jagiellonian University
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Track 1: Basics of Entomology
Track 1-1 Entomology and its allied fields
Track 1-2 Insect life history and evolution
Track 1-3 Insect growth, reproduction and development
Track 1-4 Insect morphology, physiology and taxonomy
Track 1-5 Terrestrial invertebrates
Track 1-6 Insect systematics
Track 2: Insect Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Toxicology
Track 2-1 Neurochemistry, hormone and pheromone biochemistry
Track 2-2 Gene regulation, gene characterization and structure
Track 2-3 Insect biotechnology & genomics
Track 2-4 Insect toxicology
Track 3: Insect Pathology
Track 3-1 Scope and basic principle of insect pathology
Track 3-2 Insect microbial interaction
Track 3-3 Techniques for insect pathology
Track 3-4 Pathology and microbial control of insects
Track 3-5 Insect microbial interaction- a molecular perspective
Track 3-6 Insect diversity & classification
Track 4: Environmental Entomology
Track 4-1 Biodiversity and conservation
Track 4-2 Insect ecology, evolution & systematics
Track 4-3 Natural history of insects
Track 4-4 Invasive species
Track 5: Agricultural & Forest Entomology
Track 5-1 Insect microbial interaction-A molecular perspective
Track 5-2 Insect diversity & classification
Track 5-3 Plant insect interaction
Track 5-4 Plant protection using natural enemies
Track 5-5 Forest ecosystems and environmental microbiology
Track 5-6 Forest genetics and pathology
Track 6: Medical Entomology
Track 6-1 Insects of medical importance
Track 6-2 Traditional & alternative use of insects in medicine
Track 6-3 Modern scientific use of insects in medicine
Track 6-4 Arachnids in modern medicine
Track 6-5 Major insect-born disease and case study
Track 6-6 International initiatives in medical entomology
Track 7: Aquatic Entomology
Track 7-1 Freshwater benthic ecology
Track 7-2 Trophic relations of aquatic insects
Track 7-3 Aquatic sampling techniques for diversity estimation
Track 7-4 Insect drift & biomonitoring
Track 7-5 Bioassessment of aquatic habitats
Track 8: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Track 8-1 Chemical and biological agents for pest prevention
Track 8-2 Biological control of insects
Track 8-3 Role of biodiversity in pest management
Track 8-4 Genetically modified plants-effects on insects
Track 8-5 Bio control in crops and storage
Track 8-6 Pesticides, environment, & the human health
Track 9: Forensic Entomology
Track 9-1 Scope and subfields of forensic entomology
Track 9-2 Forensic entomology: Case studies
Track 9-3 Use of insects in medicocriminal investigations
Track 9-4 Modern techniques in forensic entomology
Track 9-5 Application of entomology in the legal context
Track 9-6 Forensic entomology and the law
Track 10: Herpetology & Ornithology
Track 10-1 Life history and evolutionary study
Track 10-2 Growth, morphology, taxonomy and systemeatics
Track 10-3 Research and monitoring initiative: Case study
Track 10-4 Monitoring protocols and modern techniques
Track 10-5 Habitat management and risk assessment
Track 10-6 Population study and dynamics
Track 10-7 Conservation and biodiversity
Track 10-8 Sample collection and preservation methods
Track 11: Tools and Techniques in Entomology
Track 11-1 Collection and preservation of Insects
Track 11-2 Equipment & collecting methods
Track 11-3 Specimen preservation & mounting
Track 11-4 Mantainance of specimen
Track 11-5 Labelling, packaging and shipping of specimen
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