Traditional & Alternative Medicine Conference and Exhibition 2013, Alternative Medicine Events Alternative Medicine Exhibition 2013, Traditional Medicine Conference
166th OMICS Group Conference
International Conference and Exhibition on

Traditional & Alternative Medicine

December 09-11, 2013 Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Hyderabad, India
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Traditional Medicine-2013 Event
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Traditional Medicine Conference 2013, Alternative Medicine Exhibition
Participants List from Academia

Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

Mahidol University, Thailand

Hamdard University, India

Yeshiva University, USA

University of Macau, China

Monash University, Australia

Sogang University, Korea

University of Edinburgh, UK

Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Eve University, Turkey

University of Delhi, India

University Medical Center, Netherlands

University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Participants List from Business

Chemical Works of Gedeon Richter, Hungary

3S-Pharmacological Consultation & Research GmbH, Germany

Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Australia

Psoriasis and Cutaneous Inflammation Research Laboratory, USA

Alcon Laboratories Inc., USA

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan

Grup de Recerca de Reumatologia (IRHVH), Spain

Bayer Health Care, Richmond, USA

Cadila Pharmaceuticals, India

Van Drie Research LLC, USA

Dr. Reddy's labs, India

Merck Research Laboratories, USA

Abbott Laboratories, USA 

Hutchison MediPharma Limited, China 

Sage Bionetworks, USA 

Central Drug Research Institute, India

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, India


Day 1
Scientific Program
Day 2
Scientific Program
Day 3
Scientific Program
International Conference and Exhibition on Traditional & Alternative Medicine, will be organized around the theme "Traditional Medicine-Promotion & Development."

Traditional Medicine-2013 is comprised of 10 tracks and 70 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Translational Medicine.

Submit your abstract to any of the following tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

Register now for the conference by choosing an appropriate package suitable to you.
Thomas Vallomtahrayil
Indian coordinator for EPMA
Gundu H. R. Rao
South Asian Society on Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis
Abstract Submission Register
Track 1: Aspects and Applications of Traditional Medicine
Track 1-1 Strategy for the global development of traditional medicine
Track 1-2 The integrity of modern medicine and traditional medicine
Track 1-3 Standardized diagnosis and evidence base in traditional medicine
Track 1-4 Methodological aspects and health presevation through traditional medicine
Track 1-5 Traditional medicine substitution and efficacy
Track 1-6 Applications in dentistry, ophthalmology, nephrology and gastroenterology
Track 1-7 Applications in gynecology, oncology, stem cell culture and reproductive health
Track 1-8 Applications in autoimmune and neural disorders
Track 1-9 Applications in infectious, rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases
Track 1-10 Applications in the treatment of obesity and hormonal disorders
Track 2: Herbal Medicine-Importance and usage
Track 2-1 Various plants used in herbal medicine
Track 2-2 Herbal medicinal products
Track 2-3 Medicinal properties of herbal products
Track 2-4 Advantages of herbal supplements over modern medicine
Track 2-5 Application in anticancer and anti-hyperglycemic activities
Track 2-6 Herbal medicines for STD & AIDS
Track 2-7 Herbal medicines with antimicrobial activity
Track 2-8 Novel drug delivery systems in herbal medicine
Track 2-9 Nanotechnology in herbal medicine
Track 2-10 Scientific research of herbal medicine
Track 3: Ayurveda-The Science of Eight Components
Track 3-1 Kaya-cikitsa (internal medicine)
Track 3-2 Kaumarabhritya (pediatrics)
Track 3-3 Salya-cikitsa (surgery)
Track 3-4 Salakya tantra (ophthalmology and ENT)
Track 3-5 Bhuta vidya (psychiatry)
Track 3-6 Agadatantram (toxicology)
Track 3-7 Rasayana (immunity and rejuvenation)
Track 3-8 Vajikaranam (aphrodisiacs and improving health of progeny)
Track 4: Unani Medicine
Track 4-1 Fundamentals of unani medicine
Track 4-2 Unani compound formulation and single drugs
Track 4-3 Endocrinal disorders and its management
Track 4-4 Modern health challenges
Track 4-5 Regimental therapy
Track 4-6 Pharmacotherapy
Track 4-7 Surgery
Track 5: Homeopathy
Track 5-1 Research concepts and benefits in homeopathy
Track 5-2 Homeopathic perspective on autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases
Track 5-3 Homeopathic medicine preparation, mode of action and advantages
Track 5-4 Role of homeopathy in allergy, malignancy, HIV/AIDS and neural disorders
Track 5-5 Clinical homeopathy
Track 5-6 Similarities and differences with other forms of alternative/oriental medicine
Track 5-7 Myths of homeopathy
Track 6: Yoga as an alternative therapy
Track 6-1 Asanas and meditation
Track 6-2 For post traumatic disorders
Track 6-3 Physiological and psychological benefits of yoga
Track 6-4 Biochemical benefits of yoga
Track 7: Practices of Traditional Medicine
Track 7-1 Traditional Chinese medicine
Track 7-2 Siddha medicine
Track 7-3 Traditional mongolian medicine
Track 7-4 Traditional tibetan medicine
Track 7-5 Traditional korean medicine
Track 7-6 Traditional african medicine
Track 7-7 Ancient iranian medicine
Track 7-8 Egyptian, persian and arabic medicine
Track 8: Acupuncture
Track 8-1 Qi, meridians and acupuncture points
Track 8-2 Clinical practice
Track 8-3 Effectiveness and safety
Track 8-4 Legal and political status
Track 9: Challenges in Traditional Medicine
Track 9-1 Environmental impact of traditional medicine
Track 9-2 Integrity in the modern world
Track 9-3 Regulatory status and assessment of safety
Track 9-4 Methodological aspects in clinical trials
Track 9-5 Efficacy and quality control
Track 9-6 Beneficial effects of TM/CAM therapies
Track 10: Research and Development in Traditional Medicine
Track 10-1 Clinical research and issues in traditional medicine
Track 10-2 Analysis of traditional medicine
Track 10-3 Drug discovery from natural sources
Track 10-4 Emergence of phytopharmaceutical and phytonutraceutical products
Track 10-5 Traditional method of developing vaccine
Track 10-6 Traditional medicine in cancer therapy and genomics
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