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Naushira Pandya
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Nova Southeastern University
Alvaro Macieira-Coelho
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French National Institute of Health (INSERM)
Yuri Moskalenko
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Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Federation
Clementina D. Ceria-Ulep
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University of Hawaii at Manoa

International Conference on Geriatrics & Gerontology, will be organized around the theme "Improving Health and Health Care Services for the Elderly."

Geriatrics-2014 is comprised of 16 tracks and 95 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Geriatrics & Gerontology.

Submit your abstract to any of the following tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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Track 1: Management of Ageing

Track 1-1       Ageing Risk Factors of Parkinsons Disease

Track 1-2       Diagnostic & Therapeutic Management of Ageing Kidney

Track 1-3       Urogenital risk factors in Ageing Woman

Track 1-4       Clinical Consequences of Ageing and Preventive Strategies

Track 1-5       Alternative medicine and Anti-Ageing Drugs

Track 1-6       Slowing Ageing Process

Track 1-7       Management of HIV in Ageing

Track 1-8       Health and Nursing Problems of Elderly

Track 2: The Ageing Brain

Track 2-1       Astroglial Markers in Ageing

Track 2-2       Study of Macro and Micro structural changes in Ageing Brain

Track 2-3       Changes in Brain Function during Ageing

Track 2-4       Functional and Anatomical Changes in Ageing Brain

Track 2-5       Effect of Ageing in Cerebral Processing

Track 2-6       Brain White matter Damage in Ageing

Track 2-7       Cerebral Metabolism in Ageing

Track 2-8       Environmental Stress on Ageing

Track 2-9       Ageing and Central Nervous System

Track 3: Recent Advancement is Psycho-Geriatrics

Track 3-1       Palliative Care in PsychoGeriatrics

Track 3-2       Emergency care of Elderly Patients

Track 3-3       Health and Nursing Problems of Elderly

Track 3-4       Ethical Issues in Geriatrics

Track 3-5       Geriatrics & Anesthesia

Track 4: Neuro Endocrine Ageing

Track 4-1       Menopause and Ageing

Track 4-2       Implications in Pituitary Function with Ageing

Track 4-3       Endocrine and Immune changes in Elderly

Track 4-4       Neurotoxicity and Endocrine disruption in Elderly

Track 4-5       Endocrine Aspects of Healthy Ageing Brain

Track 4-6       Carcinogenesis and Ageing

Track 5: Sleep & Ageing Related Disorders

Track 5-1       Sleep and Circaidian disorders in Ageing and Dementia

Track 5-2       Helathy Ageing and Sleep

Track 5-3       Sleep and Hormonal Changes in Ageing

Track 5-4       Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Track 5-5       Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behaviour Disorder

Track 5-6       Sleep Related Breathing Disorders in the Elderly

Track 5-7       Pathology of Sleep in Elderly

Track 6: Advanced Models for Research in Ageing

Track 6-1       Non-Human Primate Models for Ageing

Track 6-2       Marine Invertebrates Models for Ageing

Track 6-3       Postnatal Development, Maturation and Ageing in Rat Models

Track 6-4       Eye as a Model for Ageing Research

Track 7: Modern Approaches to Dementia

Track 7-1       Sundowning syndrome in Ageing and Dementia

Track 7-2       Biomarkers in Dementia

Track 7-3       Dementia in older adults with intellectual disabilities

Track 7-4       Ageing and Protein Conformational Dementia

Track 7-5       Imaging in Ageing and Dementia

Track 7-6       Sexual Behaviour in Normal Ageing and Dementia

Track 8: Clinical Geriatrics

Track 8-1       Geriatric Opthalmology

Track 8-2       Geriatric Nephrology

Track 8-3       Geriatric Neurology

Track 8-4       Geriatric Dentistry

Track 8-5       CardioGeriatrics

Track 8-6       Geriatric Rheumatology

Track 8-7       Geriatric Dermatology

Track 9: Cancer and Ageing

Track 9-1       Immunosenescence and Cancer

Track 9-2       Potential biomarkers for Cancer in Elderly

Track 9-3       Cancer Prevention through Bioactive foods in Ageing

Track 9-4       Inflammation, Immunity, Infection and Ageing

Track 9-5       Development of Immunology for Cancer in Elderly

Track 10: Genetics & Ageing

Track 10-1       Ageing and Longevity in Ageing

Track 10-2       Tools for Biology and Genetics of Ageing

Track 10-3       Organism Models in Longevity of Genetics

Track 10-4       Biomarkers for DNA damage and Ageing

Track 10-5       Mitochondrial Mutations and Ageing

Track 11: Social Gerontology

Track 11-1       Social Issues with Ageing

Track 11-2       Economic Policies for Elderly

Track 11-3       Privileges and Protocls for Elderly

Track 11-4       Ageing and socio economic status

Track 11-5       Neuro-Financial aspects in Geriatric practice

Track 11-6       Depression in Elderly

Track 12: Nutirition and Ageing

Track 12-1       Nutrition and molecular mechanisms underlying ageing

Track 12-2       Overweight and Gastric issues in Elderly

Track 12-3       Age Adjusted Nutrition and Physical Fitness

Track 12-4       Ageing Skin and Dietary Precautions

Track 12-5       Nutritional & Bone Health

Track 12-6       Nutritional Hormetins and Ageing

Track 13: Woman and Ageing

Track 13-1       Cognitive and Mood Disorders in Ageing woman

Track 13-2       Heart Diseases in Ageing

Track 13-3       Healthy Ageing in Woman

Track 13-4       Ovarian Ageing

Track 13-5       Geriatric gynecology

Track 14: Palliative Care in Geriatrics

Track 14-1       Caretaking for Alzheimers& Dementia

Track 14-2       Comprehensive approaches to age care services

Track 14-3       Challenges in Palliative medicine and geriatric emergency care

Track 14-4       Palliative Care to Residential Care

Track 14-5       Rehabilitation of the Elderly

Track 14-6       Motivation in Elderly

Track 15: End of Life

Track 15-1       Nursing Homes and End-of-Life

Track 15-2       Changes in end of life care

Track 15-3       Novel Tools to Measure Patient and Family Satisfaction With End-of-Life Care

Track 15-4       Spiritual End-of-Life Care

Track 16: Pharmacotherapy

Track 16-1       Polypharmacy concerns in the geriatric population

Track 16-2       Improvement in the drug treatment for geriatric bed-wards

Track 16-3       Geriatric Patients and Internal Medicine

Track 16-4       Management of Drug–Drug Interactions in Geriatric Patients

Track 16-5       Evaluation of Antineoplastic Drugs in Geriatrics

Track 16-6       Use of psychotropic drugs in elderly patients