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Naushira Pandya
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Nova Southeastern University
Alvaro Macieira-Coelho
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French National Institute of Health (INSERM)
Yuri Moskalenko
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Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Federation
Clementina D. Ceria-Ulep
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University of Hawaii at Manoa

International Conference on Geriatrics & Gerontology, will be organized around the theme "Improving Health and Health Care Services for the Elderly."

Geriatrics-2014 is comprised of 16 tracks and 95 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in others.

Submit your abstract to any of the following tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

Register now for the conference by choosing an appropriate package suitable to you.

Track 1: Management of Ageing

Track 1-1       Ageing Risk Factors of Parkinsons Disease

Track 1-2       Diagnostic & Therapeutic Management of Ageing Kidney

Track 1-3       Urogenital risk factors in Ageing Woman

Track 1-4       Clinical Consequences of Ageing and Preventive Strategies

Track 1-5       Alternative medicine and Anti-Ageing Drugs

Track 1-6       Slowing Ageing Process

Track 1-7       Management of HIV in Ageing

Track 1-8       Health and Nursing Problems of Elderly

Track 2: The Ageing Brain

Track 2-1       Astroglial Markers in Ageing

Track 2-2       Study of Macro and Micro structural changes in Ageing Brain

Track 2-3       Changes in Brain Function during Ageing

Track 2-4       Functional and Anatomical Changes in Ageing Brain

Track 2-5       Effect of Ageing in Cerebral Processing

Track 2-6       Brain White matter Damage in Ageing

Track 2-7       Cerebral Metabolism in Ageing

Track 2-8       Environmental Stress on Ageing

Track 2-9       Ageing and Central Nervous System

Track 3: Recent Advancement is Psycho-Geriatrics

Track 3-1       Palliative Care in PsychoGeriatrics

Track 3-2       Emergency care of Elderly Patients

Track 3-3       Health and Nursing Problems of Elderly

Track 3-4       Ethical Issues in Geriatrics

Track 3-5       Geriatrics & Anesthesia

Track 4: Neuro Endocrine Ageing

Track 4-1       Menopause and Ageing

Track 4-2       Implications in Pituitary Function with Ageing

Track 4-3       Endocrine and Immune changes in Elderly

Track 4-4       Neurotoxicity and Endocrine disruption in Elderly

Track 4-5       Endocrine Aspects of Healthy Ageing Brain

Track 4-6       Carcinogenesis and Ageing

Track 5: Sleep & Ageing Related Disorders

Track 5-1       Sleep and Circaidian disorders in Ageing and Dementia

Track 5-2       Helathy Ageing and Sleep

Track 5-3       Sleep and Hormonal Changes in Ageing

Track 5-4       Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Track 5-5       Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behaviour Disorder

Track 5-6       Sleep Related Breathing Disorders in the Elderly

Track 5-7       Pathology of Sleep in Elderly

Track 6: Advanced Models for Research in Ageing

Track 6-1       Non-Human Primate Models for Ageing

Track 6-2       Marine Invertebrates Models for Ageing

Track 6-3       Postnatal Development, Maturation and Ageing in Rat Models

Track 6-4       Eye as a Model for Ageing Research

Track 7: Modern Approaches to Dementia

Track 7-1       Sundowning syndrome in Ageing and Dementia

Track 7-2       Biomarkers in Dementia

Track 7-3       Dementia in older adults with intellectual disabilities

Track 7-4       Ageing and Protein Conformational Dementia

Track 7-5       Imaging in Ageing and Dementia

Track 7-6       Sexual Behaviour in Normal Ageing and Dementia

Track 8: Clinical Geriatrics

Track 8-1       Geriatric Opthalmology

Track 8-2       Geriatric Nephrology

Track 8-3       Geriatric Neurology

Track 8-4       Geriatric Dentistry

Track 8-5       CardioGeriatrics

Track 8-6       Geriatric Rheumatology

Track 8-7       Geriatric Dermatology

Track 9: Cancer and Ageing

Track 9-1       Immunosenescence and Cancer

Track 9-2       Potential biomarkers for Cancer in Elderly

Track 9-3       Cancer Prevention through Bioactive foods in Ageing

Track 9-4       Inflammation, Immunity, Infection and Ageing

Track 9-5       Development of Immunology for Cancer in Elderly

Track 10: Genetics & Ageing

Track 10-1       Ageing and Longevity in Ageing

Track 10-2       Tools for Biology and Genetics of Ageing

Track 10-3       Organism Models in Longevity of Genetics

Track 10-4       Biomarkers for DNA damage and Ageing

Track 10-5       Mitochondrial Mutations and Ageing

Track 11: Social Gerontology

Track 11-1       Social Issues with Ageing

Track 11-2       Economic Policies for Elderly

Track 11-3       Privileges and Protocls for Elderly

Track 11-4       Ageing and socio economic status

Track 11-5       Neuro-Financial aspects in Geriatric practice

Track 11-6       Depression in Elderly

Track 12: Nutirition and Ageing

Track 12-1       Nutrition and molecular mechanisms underlying ageing

Track 12-2       Overweight and Gastric issues in Elderly

Track 12-3       Age Adjusted Nutrition and Physical Fitness

Track 12-4       Ageing Skin and Dietary Precautions

Track 12-5       Nutritional & Bone Health

Track 12-6       Nutritional Hormetins and Ageing

Track 13: Woman and Ageing

Track 13-1       Cognitive and Mood Disorders in Ageing woman

Track 13-2       Heart Diseases in Ageing

Track 13-3       Healthy Ageing in Woman

Track 13-4       Ovarian Ageing

Track 13-5       Geriatric gynecology

Track 14: Palliative Care in Geriatrics

Track 14-1       Caretaking for Alzheimers& Dementia

Track 14-2       Comprehensive approaches to age care services

Track 14-3       Challenges in Palliative medicine and geriatric emergency care

Track 14-4       Palliative Care to Residential Care

Track 14-5       Rehabilitation of the Elderly

Track 14-6       Motivation in Elderly

Track 15: End of Life

Track 15-1       Nursing Homes and End-of-Life

Track 15-2       Changes in end of life care

Track 15-3       Novel Tools to Measure Patient and Family Satisfaction With End-of-Life Care

Track 15-4       Spiritual End-of-Life Care

Track 16: Pharmacotherapy

Track 16-1       Polypharmacy concerns in the geriatric population

Track 16-2       Improvement in the drug treatment for geriatric bed-wards

Track 16-3       Geriatric Patients and Internal Medicine

Track 16-4       Management of Drug–Drug Interactions in Geriatric Patients

Track 16-5       Evaluation of Antineoplastic Drugs in Geriatrics

Track 16-6       Use of psychotropic drugs in elderly patients